What Our Parents Say

Our daughter’s educator has got a wonderful safe house and play area, but gives the children enough opportunities to explore and push their abilities. She’s a very kind, calm, caring woman, with a huge heart. Our daughter took to her right from the first day, and she has never once been upset when I’ve left. You can see she loves being around her educator, she’s very comfortable with her.


The playgroups every fortnight are wonderful. A different environment for the children, it gives them a chance to socialise with other children and adults.


I love reading our daughter’s portfolio, seeing what she has been up to, different activities that we don’t do! And when I was working, the highlight of my week was the weekly email, seeing what she’d been up to in photos, as I felt like I missed out a lot.


I was unsure about home-based education to begin with, but I wanted her to have a life like she would at home, the individual care, the cuddles if not feeling well. And the “motherly” care that everyone wants for their child when they are not with them.

Emma, mum

Whenever I visit my son’s educator there are multiple activities set up inside and out for the kids to get involved in. As he’s gotten older he shares more with me about the different things he gets up to during his day in care. The crafts and pictures he brings home are awesome!


My son has developed a real relationship with his educator. They have their own jokes and routines and though he loves when I come to pick him up, he loves going to care too.


Playgroup especially provides valuable social experience for my son, developing friendships and being part of a community. I love hearing about outings from his perspective.


I generally take his portfolio home for a weekend every three months or so. It’s always full of new things my son’s been up to and provides a great timeline of how he’s growing. He gets a big kick out of looking through it too and telling me all about it.


I like home-based education because I feel my son benefits from a less hectic environment that a home can provide and more focussed attention from his educator. Using home-based as our primary education provider offers us flexibility that, with us both

being working parents, helps us out a lot.

Lucas, dad

The children are always being given new activities to enjoy and different areas to explore both inside and outside. There is a large variety of toys, books and puzzles easily accessible to the children so they can pick and choose items to play with that interest them. Our daughter’s educator also involves all the children in day-to-day tasks and activities around the home giving all the children a chance to learn from her and their peers. 


Our chosen educator is an absolute natural with children and our daughter warmed to her immediately. She allowed our daughter to find her feet and participate in activities at her own pace and as they have got to know each other they have developed a fantastic relationship.


Our daughter lights up around her as she knows she is going to have fun while she is at her educator's. We wouldn't leave our daughter with anyone else.


Step 2 Growth has fantastic opportunities for the children. The playgroups are a great way for the children to explore new toys and activities in a different environment and with a larger group of adults and children. It's a great way to increase their confidence and social skills. The planned outings to the SPCA and the kindy gym are just more examples of exciting outings that children of all ages will get to enjoy together.


My partner and I love reading our daughter's portfolio and also sharing it with family. It's a lovely record of our daughter’s time with her educator and reinforces just how much fun she is having and how many different activities she is being exposed to. The weekly updates are sent to all family members across the world and are enjoyed by all.


We never intended to use home-based education as we always thought a day care or centre would be a better option but after meeting with Step 2 Growth we realised that home-based education offers so much more than a centre can. Our daughter is thriving with her educator in a small group of children with whom she has developed amazing bonds. They really do have their own little family environment where they can all explore, play and learn together. Different combinations of the group bring out different traits in our daughter but all are amazing to see. She is not lost in a big group, or passed from one teacher to another, but is in a constant and caring environment where she feels confident enough to explore and play without mum and dad. We definitely made the right choice and would recommend home based care to all parents.

Gemma, mum