Home-Based Kaiako




About me...


Kai Ora, I am Ashleigh I have been with Step2Growth since January 2017 and I am absolutely loving in home education. Having close friends and family surrounding me is a huge part of my life, all the children and their families who come into our home are treated as family. 

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Work experience & environment


I have previous experience and training in Early Childhood Education. I have been working with under 5's for the past five years and love every minute of it. I have attend many professional development courses over the years that have been teaching and I continue to extend my knowledge any chance i get. I have experience working with young children who have learning and behavioral disability and also have worked alongside children with physical disabilities.   


My home is an open home environment to you and your whanau. Children in my care are encouraged to feel at home, treating all equipment as their own. We love to go out on spontaneous outings, meeting with other educators and friends from Step2Growth on a weekly basis. We love going along to music groups, playgroups and other community groups reflecting children's interests.


Our front yard has been set up specifically for a children's play area where they can make their own choices of play. We have a huge arrange of equipment which we regularly change around for new and exciting interests which surface. 


What I Can Offer Your Child:

  •          Nutritional meals, vegetable garden and mini orchard

  •          Indoor and outdoor environment with cover.

  •          Sandpit play

  •          Literacy and numerousy resources

  •          Arts and crafts

  •          Science experiences

  •          Sensory and messy play

  •          Water play

  •          Baking and cooking to share with Whānau and friends

  •          Physical movement and challenging experiences

  •          Outings and visiting within our community

  •          Observations, planning for your child specifically

  •          Learning Profiles (learning stories, art work, photos e.c.t)

  •          Pet friendly house with two dogs and a turtle

  •          Professional, caring environment supporting tikanga Māori


If you are interested in childcare feel free to come for a visit with your child/children to have a look around and meet us. we would love to meet you


My philosophy

A child’s first years are the most important years of growth and development and that is why I am 100% dedicated to your child’s education. My philosophy is about the care and education of children. That children are kept safe from harm in a secure environment, where there are places for children to take positive and safe risks. Where they are free to play, and learn through their own interests. Where children are encouraged to engage, and learn interactively with children and educator’s with all activities. I provide a place where children are challenged to extend their learning and knowledge. In an environment where they are looked at as individuals, where they can feel free to express themselves, their culture, language and beliefs.

2010 - present

2010 - present


Home-Based Kaiako




About me..


Hey! I'm Chonnie. I have been a home-based educator since 2014 and have now just joined the awesome team at Step 2 Growth. I have a  daughter and a passion for early childhood education and animals. I have cared for elderly, people with disabilities and children and I have loved every minute of it. I have a lovey dog named Luna who adores children and the attention she gets from them. I also have 2 sections so I can separate her if needed. We also have 3 turtles which children have always adored, and we also have a family friend that has ponies where we are able to visit, help take care of and ride.

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Work experience & environment


I am a qualified nanny, and have been working with children for 7 years

I believe children learn from hands on experience and my environment encourages this, we also join in on the activities, music groups and play groups in the community so that we can interact with other children and learn alongside them. We also make the most of the park nearby.

We do lots of messy play in this house including baking, gardening and science experiments, I have a story room for quiet time and a range of toys children can choose from. Play is an important part of our childhood, and I want to provide children the opportunity to do this indoors and outdoors

My philosophy


I believe children benefit from home-based care, getting that one on one interaction with their educator. Each child is different and we can learn and accommodate to their needs. Children need to feel comfortable in their environment and also be respected. I love watching them gaining new skills and developing a sense of belonging.