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About me...


Hi, I’m Ang and I am an educator for Step 2 Growth. I am a mum of two beautfiful daughters who makes every day all the more special. I grew up in a close-knit family with many extended family members playing an active part in my childhood. I believe family is one of the most important things in life and I always look forward to family gatherings throughout the year. I feel this has played a big role in my chosen career and the bonds I form with the tamariki and whanau in my care.

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Work experience & environment


I have had 3 years’ experience as a nanny before becoming a home-based educator in 2009, I have enjoyed every minute of it and love how each day is so unique. I couldn’t think of a better job for me.


Within my care environment there is the ease of the indoor/outdoor flow with a large lounge set up with different areas of play, a roomy dining room with areas for messy play (play dough, painting, crafts) and eating. There are many activities available for the children throughout the day ensuring they have heaps of opportunities to explore and create at their own pace. The resources are changed regularly to ensure interests are nurtured and extended in a way unique to the individuals and age ranges, with quiet rooms set up for relaxing as well as areas for the older children to create without little ones around giving them the ability to build Lego worlds and play board games with their peers. Outdoors we have a large undercover sandpit, veggie garden, concrete area for bikes, grass area, mud pit and animals (dog and birds) for the children to learn care skills.

My philosophy


I believe it is important for young children to gain hands-on experiences exploring the world around them. I enjoy providing experiences outside of the care environment with trips to the farm, music groups, playgroup, local shops, kindergartens, schools and more.


For me it’s very important that children feel comfortable and secure within their care environment. By building a strong bond with them and creating a support network with the family/whanau, children acquire the confidence to learn and grow to their full potential as individuals.


2010 - present

2010 - present


Home-based Kaiako



About me..


Hi i'm Jilly and I am one of the educators for Step 2 Growth. I have a passion for childcare and got into this industry to spend more time with my grandchildren. I have three grown children whom are vastly expanding our family. I live on a farm with my husband and enjoy being outdoors with the animals too. 

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Work experience & environment

While i dont have qualifications in childcare it is something i have experience in. I have had many opportunities working in retail, business and farming. 


I provide a learning environment that is child-led and relevant to the children’s group and individual interests.


I love crafts and enjoy sharing cool craft activities with the children in my care. 



My philosophy


One thing I enjoy about working with children is watching and supporting them as they discover and learn new things. I love that through home-based care supporting children can be more focussed on the individual's interests, as you have lower ratios enabling you to accommodate each individual. The bond between the educator and child also makes each learning experience that little bit more special.