Home-Based Kaiako



About me...


Hi I’m Amanda, I graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Years (Birth to Eight) in 2015. I completed my full teachers registration September 2017 and have since gotten married to my loving husband Conrad. We are blessed to be an integral part of a small church in Blenheim. I’ve been with Step2Growth since Feb ‘19 and since then we have been blessed with the birth of our beautiful baby girl. I love providing close quality care and education for our young tamariki.



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Work experience & environment


I have spent 4 years working in early childcare centres working mainly with children children under the age of 2.
I have made the change to in-home child care to be able to provide children with quality care in a calm, safe, happy, warm environment. I am most excited about having regular outings like music, playgroup, visiting the rest home and getting into nature.

I have many open ended resources for children’s imagination to come alive and develop as they explore and make sense of the world around them.Our triple sliding door allows easy flow to outside where children can play in different spaces on the deck, in the shade of the garages or relax on the grass.

My philosophy


I believe it is important to form relationships with family and the children within your setting. Letting them know that you are available, and being approachable. It is important to communicate with families and children so that everyone can contribute towards a child’s learning and development.


It is important for children to have access to learning opportunities and experiences that encourage them to become confident and competent learners.


The environment is the third teacher and needs to be mindfully set up every day. My role as a teacher is to facilitate children’s learning. Treating children equally but providing equitable opportunities so that everyone can succeed, having patience with the children that need extra support and extending the children that are ahead.


I am fully inclusive of all children. The key is being sensitive, knowledgeable and responsive to their needs.


I will be a responsive and respectful teacher to the needs of children, noticing, recognising and responding to their learning needs in all areas of the curriculum.


I will create a safe place for children to learn, where they feel comfortable to be themselves and safe from harm because children learn better when all their needs are met.


New Zealand is a bi-cultural nation and I will incorporate Te Reo Māori and Tikanga into the daily curriculum that I teach to develop a respect for New Zealand’s cultural heritage.


Respect should be at the base of care for all children.


2010 - present

2010 - present


Home-Based Kaiako



About me..


I come from a farming and administrative backround but holding a huge passion for childcare i feel this is more my calling. I live in Renwick with my husband and three children, we are actively involved in local sports and the community. In my spare time i like to paint and create, I have a side business called Magic Wishes and hosting birthday parties to make special occassions fun for busy families!

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Work Experience


My previous work experience includes administration and dairy farming however i have also helped family and friends out with childcare in the past and have recently felt the pull back into this fun career path. I look forward to getting some training in ECE under my belt as i further my knowledge and support and expand children's learning and development each day. 

My philosophy


I believe FUN is the key to success in childhood! 

Messy play and crafts are essential for every day learning and skills required for the future. 

I believe children grow best in a nurturing environment where they feel safe and respected, with a sense of belonging.